3 reforms the pope make now

The author of this article, Paul V. Kane is a former fellow of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Business and Marine veteran of Iraq, is president of the parish council for the largest Catholic parish in the District of Columbia.  At least at the moment he is president of his parish council, depending on the understanding of his pastor to the posting of this article.  I think his ideas have some merit….Reyanna

By Paul V. Kane, May 5, 2014, philly.com

WITH THREE bold reforms, Pope Francis can reinvigorate the billion-strong Catholic tradition, spur a renaissance in church attitudes, bring redemption for past failings and give hope to the many poor and ordinary people of our world.

While predecessor popes sought to circle the wagons in defense, evangelize and convert the rest of the world, since becoming head of the Catholic Church Pope Francis has sought instead to “convert the church.”

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