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As many of you are probably aware, the Vatican has released the final report of the apostolic visitation, i.e. investigation, into the US women’s religious orders.  This process began in 2009.  This is NOT the investigation into the LCWR, or Leadership Conference of Women Religious.  That process is on-going.  This was the investigation conducted by the Congregation of the Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life.  The report released today is far different than what we could have expected under the previous papacy in my opinion.  Its tone is quite positive and conciliatory.  I think we have to thank Pope Francis for setting a different tone.  Of all the articles I have read today on this, the one below by Father James Martin is about the best.  I have included below links to some other articles and to the document itself   This feels like a sigh of relief.  Next we will see what happens with the LCWR investigation.  Hopefully that one will just go quietly away…Reyanna

For the document itself click HERE.  For National Catholic Reporter’s article, click HERE  (It is under their Global Sisters Report Section).  For Crux’s (John Allen’s new venture with the Boston Globe) article, click HERE.

By James Martin S.J., December 16, 2014, America Magazine On-line

Catholic sisters in the United States can breathe a sigh of relief.  The final report of the Vatican investigation of American women’s religious orders, issued today, is a positive, sometimes adulatory, document, which praises the many contributions of women religious in this country.  It takes a generous approach and includes none of the critiques that many American sisters feared when the Visitation was first announced in 2008.  (This evaluation is separate from the Vatican’s investigation of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, the umbrella group for many congregations.)  (To continue reading this article, click here.

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