After decades of mistrust, Pope pushes for breakthrough with China

If anybody can get this accomplished, it will be this pope.  With his emphasis on encounter and dialogue, his humility that has no need to be seen as in charge or to be recognized as superior, he has the “tools” needed to achieve relations with China.  I think it will be amazing to see this happen.  Skeptics said he would never be able to meet with the Russian Patriarch and they were proved wrong.  Skeptics are doubtful about this one also and I think they will be proved wrong…..reyanna

By Lisa Jucca, Benjamin Kang Lim and Greg Torode         July 14, 2016     Reuters online

Interviews with some two dozen Catholic officials and clergy in Hong Kong, Italy and mainland China, as well as sources with ties to the leadership in Beijing, reveal details of an agreement that would fall short of full diplomatic ties but would address key issues at the heart of the bitter divide between the Vatican and Beijing.

A working group with members from both sides was set up in April and is discussing how to resolve a core disagreement over who has the authority to select and ordain bishops in China, several of the sources told Reuters. The group is also trying to settle a dispute over eight bishops who were appointed by Beijing but did not get papal approval – an act of defiance in the eyes of the Vatican.

In what would be a dramatic breakthrough, the pope is preparing to pardon the eight, possibly as early as this summer, paving the way to further detente, say Catholic sources with knowledge of the deliberations.

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