Alive with love: the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Although devotion to the Sacred Heart has had some really bad art connected to it, I have found it something that speaks to me since I was a young person. The images have been in my home and have been a part of my family tradition for several generations.  I have a sepia toned image in a very old frame that was in my maternal grandparent’s home that I treasure.  I found this article, and the image at the top, very  profound.  It touched a deep core in me.  It also gave me hope in these seemingly dark days of November, both climatically and historically.  I hope you are equally touched by this article….reyanna

By: James Hanvey, S.J.               November 4, 2016      Thinking Faith on-line

The first time I visited Paray-le-Monial I arrived in late morning and it was raining. We had travelled through the French countryside from Ars. It was poor part of France at the time of the Curé, and even today the landscape appeared austere. The small town of Paray-le-Monial had a quiet, understated charm. Like Ars, it was a place of pilgrimage but somehow remained unspoiled.

Some churches have a formal beauty. They are places that you can explore and admire; one might stay for a few moments of prayer but they’re not really ‘home’. The ancient basilica was quite different; it invited you to pray.

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