‘America’ and NBC Interview Blase Cupich–Transcipt of Interview with Blase Cupich

This interview gives a very good insight into the kind of bishop that Papa Francesco intends to put into place.  I watch the Vatican Information Service daily for his appointments and I would say he has been placing bishops like Cupich, with lots of pastoral experience, in his appointments.  If PF can stay alive and well for a few more years, he will make a dent in the conservative cohort of bishops that were named under the papacies of John Paul II and Benedict XVI.  His next step will be to name a good number of these men he has named as bishops to be cardinals.  Look for a red hat in the near future for Cupich.  It is the only way that the work PF is doing to change the church has a chance to continue beyond his lifetime.  This is a long read but very well worth it…..Reyanna

Matt Malone, SJ, November 16, 2014, America Magazine On-line

Editor’s Note: The following is an edited transcript of the NBC/America interview with Archbishop-Designate Blase Cupich. It has been edited for clarity, length and style, including the removal of extraneous information, redundancies, incomplete sentences and filler words. To jump to Father Matt Malone’s questions,click here.


[Archbishop-Designate Cupich was in Munich when he received the news that he was going to be the next Archbishop of Chicago]. I was getting ready to catch the flight the next day, and my cell phone rang. And it was the nuncio on the other side. And he began by saying, “I have news of great joy.”  (To continue reading, click here.)

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