An Explanation for Delays in Posting New Material

To all the readers:

I apologize for recent delays in posting new material.  I am to have hip replacement surgery June 2.  I have also had some issues with dental work that needed to be done prior to the hip surgery.  This last week, all kinds of appointments converged that took a good deal of my time.  I am also working to have my house and yard in order so that my daughter, who will be staying with me, does not have to deal with these issues.  I will be a bit incapacitated the week after the surgery until I see how sitting at a desk will feel.  So, bear with me….I will do my best to keep you all with articles to read as well as Father Jim’s homily.  And as Papa Francesco always says to people….Pray for me.  I have been studying Italian for my fall trip to Rome and I can even manage it in Italian….Pregate per me.

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