An Indian Summer Pope

The blog spot for this article has an interesting title.  The guy who writes it doesn’t list his name and is a history “nerd”.  He mainly chronicles the history of the church in England but I have never figured out if that is where he lives.  You can read about him in the column on the left of the article.  He has some impressive credentials.  When he writes opinion pieces like this one, I find them to be quite good and very progressive even though he spends most of his time lurking in the annals of past history.  When you click on the link and make the jump to his blog, it will open with a picture to the left and a large black space.  Scroll down a bit and you will find the article.  He makes a good point that many in the church don’t really understand what a gift we have in Francis….Reyanna

By ?, July 6, 2014, What Sister Never Knew and Father Never Told You Blog Spot

A few weeks back Pope Francis had to cancel several days of appointments due to a health issue. This was a bit frightening to many of us, especially given the traditional protocol where the Pope is never sick until he’s dead. (Up through the pontificate of John Paul II the Pope was always reported to be in “good health,” regardless of the actual situation) until he was in extremiis.   So what does it mean when they tell us that the Holy Father is somewhat under the weather? Has a fever? Is indisposed?   Or is it something much more serious.
Actually, it is not a huge surprise that his health is not as ironbound as they have been claiming. I remember blogging last September after having been at a Wednesday Audience that he grew more and more visibly tired as the ordeal wore on. (And ordeal it was, an interminable exercise in the summer heat of Rome. Remember too that he has only one lung, having lost one to a childhood disease.) He was so exhausted that he begun slurring his words and was difficult to understand at some points. Several other people who have been at various papal functions this past year have reported seeing him visibly worn out by the long ceremonies or audiences. This is, as I wrote last September, a cause for concern.

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