Archbishop of Brussels Speaks Out for Married Priests

Unfortunately I could not find the entire interview mentioned in this brief article in English.  When I do find it, I will be sure to post it here.  This archbishop is a new appointee within the last year or so, a “Francis bishop”.  His appointment raised eyebrows in the conservative blogs to say the least.  Take the time to read through the comments on this article.  This site always has very well-written comments…..reyanna

By Rita Ferrone            May 9, 2016                    PrayTell Blogsite

Jozef De Kesel, Archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels and primate of Belgium, has spoken in favor of allowing the ordination of married men. In a wide-ranging interview with De Zondag, a Flemish publication, the 68-year old Archbishop was asked whether the Latin Rite should maintain priestly celibacy. He said in reply:

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