Back in the Saddle

To all readers:

My hip joint replacement surgery went well this past Monday, June 2.  I came home on Wednesday, June 4 in my daughter’s care.  I will have quite a period of rehabilitation as many of you who have had this surgery know.  I am highly motivated to recover as I will be going to Rome/Italy for 21 days, starting September 30.  I will be there for the upcoming Synod as part of a witnessing action being taken by Catholic Church Reform International during the Synod.  I will spend 9 days in Rome, hoping to take in at least one general audience plus visiting historical sites.  After that I will take off on a meander to northern Italy tracking the roots of my paternal grandparents.  Thank you all for your patience as I have made my way through this interesting period in my life.  I will be posting an article shortly that is quite interesting

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