Best Practices

The American Catholic Council (ACC) has developed a Best Practices form for two reasons:  to commend and spotlight parishes and faith communities who have developed new ideas that are working and as an idea generator for others to fuel innovation and try “the untried” to stimulate interest in the New Evangelization that Pope Francis is modeling.  Our goal is to showcase as many initiatives as the grassroots generates to demonstrate how we are following the direction Pope Francis has invited us to embrace namely, dialogue, encountering deeper faith relationships, conscience,  etc.  

We would like to hear from you on what ideas are working in your parish.  Please use the form below to submit the Best Practices that have worked well for you.  In taking the time to share with the American Catholic Council what has been successful in your parish or group, you are helping to “fertilize” the grassroots!.  Thank you for taking the time to complete this form!

Please note a few things as you work with the form.  When you see a * next to a field, that means you must enter data there.  Email is such a required field.  Amerian Catholic Council respects your privacy and will not share your email address.  When you are in fields that ask you for a description, the field will expand for you to complete your entry.

What led to the development of this Best Practice?*
Describe the Best Practice and its effects on the constituency it serves:*
May we contact you if we have questions?*

*Indicates a required field

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