Bishop Geoffrey Robinson discerning “the signs of the times” (Pope John XXIII, 1963)

In the upcoming days to the two-pope canonization this Sunday, there has been a blizzard of articles about each of them.  I found the following article a particularly poignant recollection….Reyanna

By Bishop Geoffrey Robinson,  no date listed on the article,

I was a student in Rome throughout the entire time that John XXIII was pope (1958-1963). I met him two days after his election, when the then Archbishop of Sydney, Cardinal Gilroy, took the Sydney students with him for his visit to the pope. I remember this new pope as exuberant and constantly moving about, so that his brand new white skull cap kept slipping off his bald head and, as the youngest person present, I had the job of picking it up and handing it back to him. I was a blond, fresh-faced youth and the first papal words ever addressed to me (no doubt infallible) were “Ah, no beard”. (To continue click the link here.)



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