Bishops don’t always have to agree with Francis to back him

If I could ask John Allen some questions, they would be the following:  Why does his fellow “Vaticanista”, the very conservative Sandro Magister, who has been at this since before John learned to smoke and therefore has much better insider contacts, keep up a constant whine as to why PF is ignoring the good Cardinal Mueller??  Why did PF pick Cardinal Schonborn from Vienna, instead of Mueller who usually does this gig, to attend the press conference for the launch of Amoris laetitia?  If Mueller and Francis are so copacetic, why has Mueller been hell-bent since the launch of Amoris laetitia going around Europe giving talks that go against the latest papal document?  The name of John’s website is Crux, Taking the Catholic Scope.  I think John needs a new stethoscope and I think he is living in a fantasy world…..reyanna

By John Allen                     May 16, 2016                                 Crux on-line

These days, when the classic Catholic parlor game of deciding who in the Vatican is for the pope and who’s against him gets underway, German Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller often figures near the top of most lists for the latter camp.

Prefect of the Vatican’s powerful Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, and thus an indirect heir to Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger before he became Pope Benedict XVI, Müller is perceived as a doctrinal conservative often struggling to hold the line against the more revolutionary tendencies unleashed under Pope Francis.

There are, of course, exceptions to every rule.

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