Can speech be free in the Catholic Church?

I found this a thought-provoking read.  We certainly have a different way of approaching the freedom to speak to the issues we see in the Church than we did say, 2 years ago??  It will be interesting to watch how Papa Francesco can begin to move those who think the doctrine and law are all one needs to begin to think like Jesus did.  He seems determined to change hearts and minds.  Keep praying for him!…..Reyanna

By Andrew Hamilton, April 8, 2015, Eureka Street on-line, a publication of the Australian Jesuits

Some 60 years ago the German Catholic theologian Karl Rahner (pictured) wrote a pamphlet on free speech in the Catholic Church. His explorations may seem now to be very tentative, but were daring at a time when the Pope took positions on disputed questions and demanded acquiescence.

Rahner’s Catholic world was different from that of today. In discussions about the Synod on the Family, cardinals have differed publicly on how to approach irregular relationships.

Priests in England drafted a letter, invited other priests to sign it, and made it public. In turn, English Cardinal Vincent Nichols rebuked them for caucusing.

Meanwhile Pope Francis has insisted that the participants in the Synod are free to express their opinions, urged them to give priority to people at the margins of church and has proclaimed a Holy Year of Compassion to coincide with it.  (To continue reading, click here.)

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