Cardinal Kasper at Catholic University in Washington

The news cycle has been a little bit slow this week to find articles other than ones about Papa Francesco and the continuing saga of Cardinal Burke which I am sure you all have been following.  I came across this article today which struck me as a good basic one for understanding Cardinal Kaspar and his understanding of mercy which has had a great influence on Francis.  It has also been the one thing to really stir up the more traditional Catholics who think law and justice are more important.    This article also relays remarks Cardinal Kaspar made regarding Francis’ understanding of the Church.  I would suspect Kaspar has a good take on this as the two of them are quite close.  Catholic University has been quite busy this week in hosting quite diverse speakers.  Cardinal Mueller the head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF, Holy Office) gave a talk earlier in the week.  I have never found out the name of the person who writes for this blog, but enjoy his articles and his opinions.  He has some good credentials listed on the left-hand sidebar.  For this website, after the jump to it, you will need to scroll down past the blog’s rather spacious banner…….Reyanna

By Church History Surprise, November 6, 2014, Church History Surprise Blogspot

OK, OK, I know this isn’t an engaging title for a blog posting, but I was fortunate this evening to hear Cardinal Walter Kasper give the lecture accompanying his being awarded the Johannes Quasten Medal by the Catholic University of America and I am excited about his talk.  The audience was much larger than expected and we were tightly squeezed into the auditorium at Caldwell Hall but I was fortunate to arrive early and get a seat behind a row of young Dominican friars in their white habits. From an ecclesial perspective, it was a rather diverse audience—(To continue reading, click here.)

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