Cardinal Marx on Francis, the Synod, Women in the Church and Gay Relationships

Maybe I am seeing things where there is nothing to see, but I found it interesting to see another interview with one of the C-9 group of Cardinals Papa Francesco has selected to help him govern published today.  And look where it is published as was the interview with Maradiaga, in America Magazine, the Jesuit journal for the US.  Coincidence?  It somehow does not feel like it to me……Reyanna

By Luke Hansen, SJ, January 22, 2015, America Magazine on-line

An exclusive interview with the president of the German bishop’s conference and papal adviser
Photo courtesy of Stanford University Office for Religious Life/Hagop’s Photography

Cardinal Reinhard Marx, archbishop of Munich and Freising, is head of the German bishops’ conference, a member of the Council of Cardinals that advises Pope Francis on church governance, coordinator of the Vatican’s Council for the Economy and author ofDas Kapital: A Plea for Man (2008). Cardinal Marx delivered the annual Roger W. Heyns Lecture on Jan. 15 at Stanford University in California.This interview, which has been edited for clarity and approved by the cardinal, took place on Jan. 18 in Memorial Church at Stanford University.

Has your experience on the Council of Cardinals offered you a different perspective on the church?

I have a new responsibility. When I am interviewed—like today—and I am asked, “What are you doing on the council?” and “What does it mean to be with the pope?” I feel a higher responsibility. I don’t see the church in a new way, though. I have been a bishop for 18 years, a cardinal for five years, and have been part of synods. I do see my new responsibility and the new opportunities, and also the historical moment to step forward in the church and be part of the history of the church. (To continue reading, click here.)

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  1. Magy Stelling says:

    When reading Catholica this past week I noticed that some of the diocese have closed the window of participating in the synod survey and the closing date is up coming soonin the other diocese. But I have not seen a single article concerning the U S laity involved in this survey. My question is why?

    Brian Coyne of Catholica has a very intelligent thread concerning the questions and answers at this link:

    Hope all members will take a look and read this article.

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