Cardinal Rodriguez on Mercy, Divorce, Homosexuality, The Unfree Free Market and the Limits of Vatican II

The news cycle last week was not slow by any means.  There was lots of very interesting non-stop coverage of Papa Francesco in Sri Lanka and the Philippines.  I did not post articles on that coverage as I made the assumption that all of you were well-informed by the conventional media on his activities.  I spent about 10 hours watching some very fascinating video.  I would recommend watching any of them but the Mass in Tacloban was the most moving for me.  I rank watching it….and I was watching it as a live-stream…as moving  to me as watching the Berlin wall fall.  It was so moving to watch PF in the midst of a on-coming typhoon standing as a true pastor, a shepherd to his people, with those same people who had suffered through a previous typhoon.  If you wish to watch the videos, you can find them here.  As regards this article, I find Maradiaga an interesting “character” in the history we are watching unfolding in the Church.  I think he acts as a good “mouthpiece” for PF at times and that may be purposefully done….Reyanna

By Jim McDermott, January 21, 2015, America Magazine On-line

Last night at the Mission Church of Santa Clara University in Santa Clara, California, Cardinal Oscar Andres Rodriguez Maradiaga, Archbishop of Tegucigalpa, Honduras, President of Caritas Internationalis, and Head of the Pope’s Council of Cardinals (the so-called “Gang of Nine”) presented a major lecture on “The Meaning of Mercy.”

Responding to Pope Francis’ frequent call that at the heart of Christianity lies the call to show mercy, Rodriguez proposed that Catholics should imagine the church as “a Samaritan Church,” an institution which like the Good Samaritan chooses to “heal the wounds of those who are beaten, hurting and prostrated, those who have weakly fallen under the power of those who use violence.” (To continue reading, click here.)


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