Cardinal Schonborn criticizes clergy’s ‘hardening of the heart’ against mercy

I find it a little bit more than interesting that the same cardinal who will be at the press conference to introduce PF’s Apostolic Exhortation is making this statement. Is he hinting to some of his fellow hierarchs and the clergy in general that they may find themselves very soon quite challenged? …..reyanna

By Joshua J McElwee       March 31, 2016                          National Catholic Reporter on-line

On the same day it was announced he will co-launch Pope Francis’ new widely anticipated document on Catholic family life next week, Austrian Cardinal Christoph Schönbornspoke at a Rome conference against the hardening of the heart by clergy and political leaders.

Schönborn, a Dominican friar who leads the Vienna archdiocese, said the way that mercy sometimes encounters a hardening of the heart is an “enigma” that was faced by Jesus, even amidst his closest followers.

“We have to be frank that even the disciples of Jesus suffered a hardening of heart and Jesus often had to ask them why their hearts were so hard,” said the cardinal, speaking at the gathering of the World Apostolic Congress on Mercy.

“The callousness of the disciples with Jesus is probably the most terrible suffering for Jesus,” he said. “Not the hardening of the hearts of enemies, but the hardening of the hearts of the disciples.”

“Why do you not understand?” Schönborn imitated Jesus speaking to his followers.

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