CCMT Celebrates Our Website’s Anniversary

| By Rosemary Tackes | October 18, 2013 | CCMT |

It’s been one year since we decided to create a website and started publishing daily blogs. Actually we published our first blog on September 28, 2012 but we were still in a learning curve and it took several weeks before we found a way to start tracking statistics.  Since that time (a year ago today) there have been over 92,000 views of this site from over 60 countries around the world.

CCLLogo-02Over the course of the year, our ratio of returning visitors has increased from 42% to 58%, which means that people are coming back more regularly but new people continue to find this site.  And the annual number of daily views has increased from 235 to 285 within the last three months.  In comparison to Catholica who averages 2000 hits a day, its not much, but for us it’s amazing!

Of course our most regular followers are from Montana (about 46%) and the United States (about 75% of total traffic) followed by the Phillipines, Australia, Canada, the UK and Ireland.  We just added a new feature to our sidebar “Google Translate” that allows the site to be readily translated into over 50 different languages so we hope to see more traffic from some of the non-English speaking countries in the next few months.

We currently have 135 daily subscribers who are notified whenever a new blog posts to the site and another 300+ that recieve an e-mail update once weekly.  Of course, our weekly homily from Father Jim Hogan keeps many coming back! It is one of the best features we have to offer and we are extremely grateful to Jim for allowing us to publish it!

Also, our good friend John Chuchman continues to provide wonderful prose that we share on The Poetman’s Page.  Many of John’s followers check out this page whenever a new post appears.

Over the year we have had wonderful original posts and book reviews from friends like Bud Malby, Steve Oreskovich, Magy Stelling, Con Kelly and Brian Monro.  For their contributions we are sincerely thankful!

Just to review our history on our anniversary, here are links to the top three articles that have received the most views over the past year:

We continue to be amazed, overwhelmed and grateful for the success of this site.  We try to post articles that give you a well rounded perspective of our church and our world. We appreciate those who comment on these articles and we are hopeful that they help you on your concerned Catholic journey.

We hope you enjoy your visit here as much as we do creating it!  Thank you to all who visit these pages.

Shalom, Namaste, Peace,



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4 Responses to CCMT Celebrates Our Website’s Anniversary

  1. Bill Keane says:

    Congratulations on the success of your website. I appreciate the time and effort involved day after day in sitting down and putting the articles together. I may not always agree with the content, as I tell you, but you help me to see both sides of every issue.
    Thank you and may God continue to bless you for many more years.
    Bill Keane

  2. Suzanne Straebel says:

    Yours is a wonderful source of inspiration. I am not at all surprised at how you’ve grown in numbers and in the depth of your words. Thanks for bringing your “Big Sky” views worldwide.

  3. Arline Schoenberger says:

    Thank you!! I start my mornings with 2 cups of coffee & CCM

  4. Mary Jo Wuenschel says:

    Happy Anniversary! I just started reading CCMT about 2 months ago after I came home from a wonderful Retreat by Michael Morwood at Kirkridge Center in Bangor, Pa. I look forward to the daily blogs and really enjoy reading them. Keep up the good work! I have found at least one Concerned Catholic here in the Houston/Pearland, Tx. area, but I’m still looking. Shalom, MJW

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