“Celibacy should not necessarily be mandatory for celebrating the Eucharist”: An interview with Dom Erwin Kräutler

By Deilmar Neuwirth, May 22, 2014, Iglesia Descalza Blogspot

A wonderful interview by Dietmar Neuwirth with Dom Erwin Kräutler, Bishop of the Xingu, Brazil, in the Austrian newspaper Die Presse last week. Blogger Luis Miguel Modino has produced a Spanish version. We bring it to you in English.

You survived an attempt on your life and have been under police protection for eight years. How do you deal with the fear of death?

If I were just afraid, I couldn’t live. My greatest protection is the people.

Which of your experiences could be brought to Europe? To Austria?

The keyword is lay people. In Brazil, much is demanded of men and women. I have 800 communities and 27 priests. That says it all. If the lay people don’t assume responsibilities in their communities, the communities don’t exist. Ten years from now, it will be like that in Europe too, that men and women will lead communities.

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