Cleaning Up the Vatican

I read the book Pope Francis: Untying the Knots by author of this opinion piece.  It was OK but the author, in my opinion, set out with an axe to grind, wanting to prove or disprove Jorge Bergoglio’s complicity with the junta during Argentina’s so-called “Dirty War”.  He found he could not prove it so he sewed an interesting set of bits and pieces together to try to leave some doubt.  His next big venture, as I have read elsewhere, is to uncover some sort of conversion experience that Bergoglio went through.  As far as what is going on in the Vatican I think Francis needs a big bull dozer….and lots of prayers…..Reyanna

By Paul Vallely, June 13, 2014, Opinion Pages, New York Times On-line

LONDON — It looked extremely dramatic when Pope Francis fired the entire board of the Vatican’s financial watchdog last week. But that was only the half of it. The seismic changes that are underway behind the scenes in Rome are even more radical than public appearances suggest. And they offer illuminating insights into the steely character of the man who likes to present himself to the world as a model of smiling humility. (To continue reading click here.)

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