Coming to Newark Archdiocese: A Different Kind of Cardinal

I find it hopeful when I read about members of the “hierarchy” who DO get it!  Francis is finding them, but it is taking him a lot of hunting.  And this particular diocese really needs someone like this guy.  This is the diocese of Ab John Myers who, as the article notes, spent lavishly on his retirement home.  I question why PF didn’t subject him to the same treatment as the “Bling Bishop” from Germany.  I suspect he knew Myers was close to retirement and it was not worth the effort to find a place to park him if he did yank him from Newark early…..reyanna

By Sharon Otterman           December 22, 2016                 New York Times on-line

For about a year, the guys at the gym just called him Joe. He lifted weights in the early mornings wearing a skull-printed do-rag. He worked out on the elliptical, wiping it down when he was done.

Then one day Shaun Yeary, a salesman at a landscape supply company, asked him in the locker room what he did for a living. “I used to be a priest,” Joe recalled telling him. “And now,” he said, his voice growing quieter so as not to scare anyone in earshot, “I’m the archbishop of Indianapolis.”

“I was like, for real?” Mr. Yeary recalled. “This guy is benching two and a quarter!” — gymspeak for 225 pounds.

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