Coping with narcissistic personality disorder in the White House

Have we had a fun week watching the new administrations’s first week in the White House?  It is likely to continue.  Although the author admits she is no expert on this issue, there are plenty of articles available by various psychologists and psychiatrists that are saying the same thing….reyanna

By Neil Ziehl       December 6, 2016            Quartz Media on-line

A few days ago, I wrote a post for my Facebook friends about my personal experience dealing with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) in my family, and how I view the president-elect as a result. Unexpectedly, the post traveled widely, and it became clear that many people are also struggling with how to understand and deal with this kind of behavior in a position of power. Although several writers, including a few professionals, have publicly offered their thoughts on a diagnosis, I am not a professional and this is not a diagnosis. My post is not intended to persuade anyone or provide a comprehensive description of NPD. I am speaking purely from decades of dealing with NPD and sharing strategies that were helpful for me in coping and predicting behavior. The text below is adapted from my original Facebook post.

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