Cowardice in the anti-Francis brigade

I find it interesting that this group of “scholars, prelates and clergy”  want anonymity because they “fear reprisals, or they are concerned about repercussions on their religious community, or if they have an academic career and a family, they fear they might lose their jobs.”  How about all the theologians who had the guts to openly state their opinions in the last two papacies without hiding behind anonymity??  How about all those who have been “outed” in this country either because they are LGBT or have made a statement that their local bishop did not like and lost their jobs?  The anti-Francis brigade is getting bolder and bolder in what they are demanding but not bold enough in this case to put their name out there.  And read the list of the things that they find PF is at fault in….among the issues: “consecrated virginity” is not upheld as higher than the married state, the “headship” of the husband is not emphasized and capital punishment is not upheld in certain cases.  Capital punishment???  What does this have to do with Amoris laetitia, the document they want PF to repudiate???  I may need a new keyboard for my computer soon as I keep encountering these stories where I just keep banging my head on it……reyanna

By Michael Sean Winters                July 12, 2016                     NCR on-line

A group of 45 “scholars, prelates and clergy” have sent an appeal to the world’s cardinals, asking them to implore Pope Francis to correct what they deem to be “erroneous propositions” in Amoris Laetitia,according to this report from the National Catholic Register‘s Edward Pentin.

Pentin reports:

‘We are not accusing the Pope of heresy,’ said Joseph Shaw, a signatory of the appeal who is also acting as spokesman for the authors, ‘but we consider that numerous propositions in Amoris Laetitia can be construed as heretical upon a natural reading of the text. Additional statements would fall under other established theological censures, such as scandalous, erroneous in faith, and ambiguous, among others.’

Phew! I am so glad this group doesn’t think the pope is a heretic, at least not necessarily, and provided he agrees to withdraw the propositions in question. And, at least only parts of Pope Francis’ apostolic exhortation are “scandalous, erroneous in faith, and ambiguous” not the whole thing.

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One Response to Cowardice in the anti-Francis brigade

  1. Kenny says:

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    Dear Reyanna,
    You my dear are an inspiration to us all !!!

    Let us remember, then people get together, no matter in religion or other, the ego comes to play. There are controversies, disagreements, and plenty of other unmentionables.

    I pray for brother Francis always. I fully believe he was selected from above. His tasks are enormous, the mountains to move immense, the corruption, the egos…

    I pray for you Reyanna. I pray the Holy Spirit gives you the strength to carry on. You my dear possess a wonderful perserverance. When I first followed your writings, you were in Rome a few years back.

    You ARE a wonderful inspiration. Let us ask all the groups to pray for brother Francis. I pray and ask St Francis and St Clara of Assisi for him.

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