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While I was traveling, I forgot to post Antonio Pagola’s homiles each week and for that I apologize.  He has as interesting take on the scriptures as does Father Jim and sometimes they are remarkably similar.  I find some hope in the fact that Papa Francesco was reported to be, while he was still archbishop in Buenos Aires, one of the first people to come in and buy Pagola’s book when it became available in one of the large, downtown bookstores there.  Does that mean he read it? Who knows, but I find in my reading of  Papa Francesco’s own words, strong hints that he has…..Reyanna

by José Antonio Pagola (English translation by Rebel Girl), November 16, 2014, Iglesia Descalza Blogspot

Despite its seeming innocence, the parable of the talents carries an explosive charge. Surprisingly, the “third servant” is condemned without having done anything wrong. His only error was “doing nothing” — not risking his talent, not making it bear fruit, keeping it intact in a safe place.

Jesus’ message is clear. No to conservatism, yes to creativity. No to a sterile life, yes to the active response to God. No to obsession about security, yes to risky efforts to change the world. No to faith buried under conformity, yes to committed work to make way for the Kingdom of God. (To continue reading, click here.)

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