Curia rumblings about a pope who won’t be filtered

Not sure I agree with his summation but I want you all to be aware of the level  of rumbling that is ramping up in the Curia.   Jorge indeed needs to start to Tango much faster and more forcefully.  I especially like the first comment in the comment string….Reyanna

By John Tavis, May 2, 2014, The Blog,

There’s been a lot of media attention to Pope Francis’ now-famous phone call to an Argentine woman who is civilly married to a divorced man, reportedly telling her she could receive Communion.

While in Rome this week, I’ve made some soundings inside the Roman Curia, and found concern among Vatican officials in two areas. First, they’re worried about the doctrinal and pastoral implications of the pope’s supposed remarks, and the risk of raising expectations for a change in church policy that may never occur. (To continue reading this article, click here.)

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