Dear Pope Francis, I’m really confused….

I hope she sent a copy of this to Pope Francis.  I think he would not be offended and would find it interesting and clever.  I continue to suggest to people to write letters to the pope.  It is time he hear from all of us…..Reyanna

By Questions from a Ewe, May 7, 2014, Questions from a Ewe Blog

Dear Pope Francis, I’m really confused.
Because I read the very same day in the news

That pedophile priests are beyond Vatican controls
While the Curia again raked American nuns over the coals.

With abusive priests they claim their arms only reach the Vatican wall
But with the American nuns, suddenly across the ocean, those same arms can sprawl?

For predator priests the Curia says they must respect the law for each land.
Shouldn’t they do likewise when American nuns’ Constitutional liberties are at hand?

Maybe like the game my kids used to play,
They simply think that it’s “Happy Opposite Day?”

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