La Civilta Cattolica (The Catholic Civilization) is the Italian version of America Magazine but a bit on steroids.  It is the work of the Italian province of the Jesuits.  Its editor, Fr Antonio Spadaro is very close to Pope Francis, some would say a spiritual son.  Recall that he is the one who did the first in-dept interview with the Pope that came out in September 2013 in America Magazine under the title “A Big Heart Open to God”.  La Civilta Cattolica has been around since 1850.  All of its articles are written by Jesuits who also live together in community at the magazine’s headquarters. I posted this article because the Pope’s words are beautiful, especially where he extols the writers of the magazine to “put out into the deep”, to “keep rowing” and that a Catholic must never be afraid.  So this article is kind of a prelude to the next article that talks about what is happening in this country.  There are a lot of people that without even hearing the Pope’s words seem to be rallying to them.  Those that know me well will also know I have other motives for posting this 🙂  This article and the next one I am going to post are kind of long reads but IMHO worth it..reyanna

By Pope Francis                February 9, 2017                La Civilta Cattolica on-line

Dear writers of the College of Civiltà Cattolica, dear lay collaborators,

I am happy to meet with you together with the other Jesuits of your Community, with the sisters and all those who collaborate with you in the life of the magazine and in the administration of the house in which you live.  I also greet the editors who from now on will publish your magazine in Spanish, English, French and Korean.  I feel here present the whole, broad family of your readers.  I find you all happily together on the occasion of the publication of your 4000th issue.  It is a truly unique goal: the magazine has completed a voyage of 167 years duration and continues its navigation with courage in open seas.

That’s right: stay in open seas!  The Catholic must not be afraid of open seas, must not look for the shelter of safe ports.

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