Don’t put priests on a pedestal

This is a timely article when we consider all that is “going down” in the Vatican at the present moment with the latest round of “Vatileaks” and financial shenanigans.  Most of all that is happening, I think, can be parked right in front of this issue: clericalism.  This article has some good pointers on how this issue should be handled and handled soon.  Fortunately we have in Francis someone who knows this issue inside out.  He speaks out frequently about this issue and does so sometimes with some very interesting language.  For example, in this article the author notes that lay people can fall into this trap of wanting to be part of the “insiders”.  Priests will sometimes foster that in lay people.   Francis refers to this as “putting curlers in the sheep”, meaning the priest spends too much time with his “insider” group of lay people.  Francis says this infantilizes the laity…..Reyanna

By Fr. Donald Cozzens, October 2015 Issue US Catholic, On-line issue

Finally there appears an issue that our divided church can agree on. Catholics of all stripes—conservatives and liberals and in-betweens—are declaring a pox on clericalism. From Pope Francis to the back pew widow, from seminary rectors to lay ecclesial ministers, we agree that clericalism is crippling the pastoral mission of the church.
At the same time it is strengthening the secularists’ claim that Catholic clergy are nothing more than papal agents bent on enforcing rigid moral controls that smother our human instinct for pleasure and freedom. So let’s end clericalism in the church.  (To continue reading, click here.)
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