Earthquake in Central Italy—How to help

As many of you probably know, there was a 6.2 magnitude earthquake that has devastated regions of central Italy.  The epicenter is about 100 miles or so north and east of Rome.  It was felt in Rome and also all the way on the other coast of Italy in Rimini.  Here is a link to Gerald O’Connell’s article from today on American Magazine on-line:

Today I found out that Catholic Relief Services has set up a special relief effort for those who want to donate specifically to the relief efforts in central Italy.  And there will be significant need well into the future.  The town of Amatrice essentially is leveled.  This will mean finding housing for a town of several thousand as fall and then winter closes in. And it is not the only affected town in the mountains of central Italy.

It is not clearly obvious when you go to the Catholic Relief Services website,, how to donate to this effort.    When you get to the home page, scroll down a bit to “Emergency Response”.  Click there and this will take you to the Emergency Response page.  At the top right hand is “Donate Now”.  Click there to go to the page that begins with “Where it is needed most”.  Scroll down for the on-line donation form.  At the bottom of the form, there is a box for “Special Request”.  Enter “Central Italy Earthquake”.  You can also donate via phone by calling 877-435-7277 from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. Eastern Time.

Please take the time to consider making a donation for this effort.  I am particularly fond of the Italian people as they are my heritage and because of my two visits to the country.  They are resilient and loving people.  They have done more than many others in helping refugees coming to their country during the recent waves of refugee migrations.  They have opened their hearts and doors to them.  Now they need us to help them.




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