Editorial: Pope Francis’ exhortation to walk on the margins makes us squirm

I know that many of you probably check the National Catholic Reporter frequently, but just in case, this article is very good.  Yes, PF does make a lot of us squirm.  So does Jesus when we really read and listen to the Gospels.  It will be really interesting to hear what Papa Francesco has to say when he addresses the joint session of Congress in September.  BTW, he has requested that it be broadcast to the crowds that will be outside of the Capitol building and he will be speaking in English, the only one of the speeches he will be speaking in English when he visits the US….Reyanna

By NCR Editorial Staff, July 27, 2015, National Catholic Reporter on-line

In the growing corpus of Pope Francis pronouncements — in homilies and speeches and encyclicals — an eloquence adheres that might safely be characterized as singular in quality in the long history of papal literature. It is an eloquence eminently accessible, born of personal experience and shaped primarily by his love of the poor.

It is not a distant love or a romanticized notion out of which he speaks. He doesn’t make heroes of poor people or conjure some noble purpose out of poverty that will somehow be fully realized in the next life.

Quite the opposite. Transcendence is not reserved for some other reality. For Francis, the Christ we worship in the quiet of the sanctuary is the Christ of the streets. Francis is about real here-and-now situations in very plain language, and that language at times is disarmingly undiplomatic. (To continue reading, click here.)

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