English Translation of the Final Synod Document

The Vatican has at last released the English translation of the final document, called the Relatio Synodi, from the recent Extraordinary Synod of Bishops held earlier this month from October 5 to Otober 14.  You can access it by clicking here.  I strongly urge you to print it out, read it, pray about it and then begin talking about it within your own parishes.  Approach your pastor to see if he will agree to having a discussion group form around the document.  If he is not willing to do so, form a group on your own.  Catholic Church Reform International is going to be developing templates on how to go about forming your own discussion group on this document and will also be developing a tool for input of information gleaned from discussion groups so they can formulate a position paper to forward on to contacts they are making and massaging among key cardinals and bishops who are working with the Synod.  I will provide links on the web page as soon as they are available.  Let your voices be heard!!

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