And just so we can hear all sides of the issue, here is this guy’s.  And I must say, it gives me the willies every time I see his face.  I know it is Lent and I should be nice, but it is just too true.  I don’t think he is going to be at the fall Synod unless Papa Francesco inivites him, and why he would do so is beside me, unless PF wants to make sure the pot stays stirred up well.  It gives me the willies to go to this website, but it is also kind of interesting to see what kinds of things get their undies in a knot.  Oh, dear, I am on a roll….Reyanna

By Alfredo, March 2, 2015  , Rorate Caeli Blogspot

Last week, Rorate Caeli interviewed Raymond Cardinal Burke via telephone on numerous topics. Nothing was off the table for this interview and His Eminence was incredibly generous with his time. He showed himself to be brilliant and yet filled with humility. And his care and concern for traditional Catholics must be acknowledged and appreciated.
In this wide-ranging interview, His Eminence talked about issues ripped from the news such as: Vatican officials threatening to sue bloggers; more priests coming under his authority; the dismantling of the Franciscans of the Immaculate; how traditional Catholics can save their souls in this modern world — and get their children the sacraments in the traditional rite in the face of dissenting bishops; priestly celibacy; daily confusion from Pope Francis; and much, much more. (To continue reading, click here.)
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