Exclusive interview: Cardinal Burke says confusion spreading among Catholics ‘in an alarming way’ (full text)

And here we get to see what the opposition is spouting.  I sometimes think that Papa Francesco removed this man from the Curia just to give him more time to be a loose canon to really see what the opposition is thinking so he knows for sure and so we see how very retrograde some factions in the Church have become…..Reyanna

Jeanne Smits, March 24, 2015, Lifesite News onlin

LifeSiteNews: Since the extraordinary synod on the family, we have entered a period of uncertainty and confusion over several “hot-button” issues: communion for divorced and “remarried” couples, a change of attitude towards homosexual unions and an apparent relaxing of attitudes towards non-married couples. Does your Eminence think that this confusion is already producing adverse effects among Catholics?

Cardinal Burke: Most certainly, it is. I hear it myself: I hear it from Catholics, I hear it from bishops. People are claiming now, for instance, that the Church has changed her teaching with regard to sexual relations outside of marriage, with regard to the intrinsic evil of homosexual acts. Or people who are within irregular matrimonial unions are demanding to receive Holy Communion, claiming that this is the will of the Holy Father. And we have astounding situations, like the declarations of the bishop of Antwerp with regard to homosexual acts, which go undisciplined, and so we can see that this confusion is spreading, really, in an alarming way. (To continue reading, click here.)

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