Father Jim Hogan’s Announcement for this Sunday, Blessed Trinity

Greetings — with a “heads-up” about my weekly homilies.

I need a brief break from writing.

So there will be no homily for next Sunday – June 15 / Feast of Blessed Trinity.

The homilies will resume for the following Sunday.

Thank you for your supportive encouragement.

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One Response to Father Jim Hogan’s Announcement for this Sunday, Blessed Trinity

  1. Trinity and Us

    Since God as Trinity
    is a Relational Communitarian Being
    We, who are created in
    The Image of God
    are also at our core

    Relational Beings.

    God is
    Giver, Given, and Gifting
    Lover, Beloved, Loving
    so our life,
    if authentically human,
    should be the same.

    We are who we are,
    We become what we are called to become

    in and through

    Our Relationship with Others.

    Just as the Three Persons of God
    are in Communion with each other,
    We are called to be
    In Communion with Each Other.


    When we move toward the world as it is,
    When we respond to the needs of others as it is,
    We act as Sons and Daughters of God
    In Communion.

    We need to foster relationships
    that are Equal, Mutual, and Interdependent
    as is Trinity.

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