Francis, Bishops and the Missal: “Mission Intelligible”

Thankfully, some of us will not let this issue go away!!   Follow the link in this article to get to the original article in The Tablet.   I hope Fr Ryan has sent his article to Papa Francesco!….Reyanna

By Editor, December 17, 2014, PrayTell Blog On-line

The Tablet recently published an article, “Mission Intelligible,” penned by Michael G. Ryan, rector of Seattle’s St. James Cathedral regarding the translation of the Roman Missal in light of the pontificate of Pope Francis. Calling reconsideration of the translation a game-changer, Ryan argues, “in the wake of the recent changes at the Vatican, the bishops should call for the repeal of the unfortunate Liturgiam Authenticam and the elimination of its handmaid, Vox Clara.”

Ryan believes that Pope Francis would have handled the situation differently were he elected pontiff a year before:

For one thing, I am quite certain that the Missal would not be the one we are still trying to get used to. More likely, it would resemble the one that was painstakingly produced over a period of 17 years by the International Committee for English in the Liturgy (Icel), only to be rather unceremoniously consigned to oblivion by Vatican officials who had got it into their heads that liturgy had become too casual and colloquial.

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