Francis, the comic strip

For those of you who have not followed this delightful series on the National Catholic Reporter, a bit of background.  Papa Franceso has been featured in this along with his side-kick Brother Leo.  Brother Leo at one point brought in a stray dog who turned out to be pregnant.  You can follow back in this series to read the delightful story as it unfolds.  If you have follow the series, you would think that the puppies are now being adopted out to good homes in this one.  There could be another meaning.  We are not shown the occupants on that bus and also, why does it take a large buss to haul the puppies.  Could it be that the occupants on the bus walk on two legs, dress either in red or magenta/purple and are howling because they are no longer going to be at the Vatican?  The rather self-satisfied smile on PF says all I need to know…..Reyanna

By Pat Marrin, January 27, 2015, National Catholic Reporter on-line

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