Frank Brennan, S.J. on the Sex Abuse Scandal in Australia

Although this article is about the Australian situation as regards clergy sex abuse, I think it has some interesting points to consider in relation to the American experience….reyanna

By Bill McGarvey                April 2, 2016                                       America Magazine on-line

Aa lawyer, professor and human rights activist, Frank Brennan, S.J. occupies a unique position in Australian civil and religious society. He is well known throughout the country, both inside and outside the church, for his decades-long work as an advocate in the areas of law, social justice and reconciliation with Aboriginal Australians.

For services to Aboriginals, He was named an Officer of the Order of Australia and the National Trust has classified him as a Living National Treasure. In addition to his work in his native Australia, Father Brennan recently held the Gasson Chair at Boston College’s Law School.

On a recent trip to Australia just before Holy Week, I sat down with Father Brennan in Melbourne to discuss the state of the church in Australia in light of the ongoing Royal Commission on child sexual abuse and the unprecedented 20 hours of testimony from Cardinal Pell that was televised nationally.

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