German Catholic bishops sack sex abuse study head

| By Tom Heneghan, Religion Editor | PARIS| Wed Jan 9, 2013| Reuters |

You definately get the sense from this Reuters article that the cover-up and efforts to protect the clergy and bishops continues even today. After all the many scandals over the past ten years you would think that transparency would be the absolute order of the day.  This is currently taking place in Germany.

Reuters is reporting that:

Germany’s Roman Catholic bishops sacked a criminologist studying sexual abuse of minors by their priests on Wednesday, prompting him to accuse them of trying to censor what was to be a major report on the scandals. …

Bishop Stephan Ackermann, spokesman on abuse issues for the German Bishops Conference, said the hierarchy had lost confidence in the researcher, criminologist Christian Pfeiffer, and would look for another specialist to take up the study.

Pfeiffer told German Radio the bishops wanted to change previously agreed guidelines for the project to include a final veto over publishing its results, which he could not accept.

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While I have not reserched the validity of this comment (posted anonymously on the NCR-Online copy of this story) if it is true it is certainly another scathing indictment of the church in Germany and of the Vatican’s complicity in this debacle.

Anonymous J  Anonymous J • a day ago
I realize that the post topic deals with the German bishops ‘sacking’ an investigator who was investigating sex abuse of minors…..these are the same bishops who for the previous thirty years have owned since the early years of John Paul’s reign and apparently developed the ownership one of the worlds largest publishers of porn, Weltbild, and in 1998 using millions of church levied dollars,collected from German Catholics merged Weltbild with another group of five publishing houses thus not only distributing porn, but producing it.

13 German dioceses were major stockholders and this conglomerate was a cash cow for the German church. German Catholics have been objecting and have been studiously ignored. In 2008 they sent the bishops a 70 page document detailing the porn issue…many bishops simply ignored it.

It was not until 2011 when the Internet really picked up the story that within a very short time the Vatican was all excuses and apologies…and began to divest itself of this very very profitable cash cow. And you think any sane individual is going to trust anyone the German bishops select to investigate their sexual abuse of minors…with all due respect to farm animals. “when pigs fly”!

These types of abuse of power will never end while we Catholics allow it to continue.  Only when enough voices speak out, only when we stand together in worldwide solidarity will this regime be brought down and only then will our church be restored to the people of God.

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  1. bud malby says:

    Here is one link to the porno publishing story cited by the anonymous commenter. There are several more that you can uncover with a Google search.
    Bud Malby

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