Gustavo Gutiérrez assesses the current state of liberation theology and Francis’ papacy

Gustavo Gutierrez has always been a strong voice in Latin America.  JP2 wanted this man silenced….he scared JP2 badly who saw a communist in anyone who truly preached the Gospel…..Reyanna

by Cristina Fontenele (English translation by Rebel Girl) Adital February 5, 2016 Iglesia Descalza

Considered the father of liberation theology, Gustavo Gutierrez is still admired by generations of theologians. The Dominican priest with a simple and straightforward style gave an exclusive interview to Adital to discuss the current state of liberation theology, who the poor in Latin America are, and how he assesses the political context on the continent. On his meeting with Pope Francis during the Caritas Assembly in 2015, the theologian says he recognizes in the pontiff a brave man who is leading the Church at a time of Kairoswhich in Greek means a right and opportune moment.

On the power of youth, Gutierrez jokes that being young is not enough to promote change, as a free being can follow various path.  (To continue reading, click here.)

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