Huge Gap Separates Pope Francis from Liturgical Traditionalists

And this issue is not going to go away anytime soon.  Crd Sarah, with his call to priests to begin celebrating Mass with their backs to people come this Advent or as the Trad camp insists “ad orientem” or facing east, which the Vatican has quelled rather rapidly for the Vatican,  has stirred to pot but good on this.  BTW, when it is pointed out to the Trad folks that the altar in most churches does not face east, they will then say, “well, it is liturgical east”.  Right….reyanna

By Massimo Faggioli        July 20, 2016                 PrayTell Blog on-line

From the moment Pope Francis was elected on March 13, 2013 it was clear that a huge gap separated him from the so-called Catholic traditionalists – on liturgy, ecclesiology, ecumenism, moral theology and the Church’s social doctrine.

Despite their constant attacks against him, the pope showed a remarkable restraint towards the traditionalists – and not just because this is good Church politics, but because he does not like conflict.

“I don’t chop off heads,” he said a couple of weeks ago in interview with the Argentinian newspaper La Nacion.

“That was never my style. I’ve never liked doing that,” he insisted.

Indeed, we had become almost accustomed to the idea that Francis and the traditionalists were pretty much traveling on two separate and parallel paths in a “live and let live” sort of silent agreement. But two recent developments indicate something important about the pope and the various forms of Catholic traditionalism.

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