I Could Feel the Pope’s Great Inner Peace

In this article, follow the links to the latest interview with Papa Francesco.  It is always interesting to read his responses to journalists’ questions, but, because he knows this interviewer well….since about 2002 and he has baptized both her children….his answers seem to me a bit more relaxed.  In one of the 4 separate parts of this interview found with the links is a brief video of him taken by the writer of this article.  I found his remarks about Cardinal Burke to be quite interesting.  I do believe that with those remarks, he may have very cleverly silenced the man and his very avid supporters.  Also, I have read Elisabetta Pique’s book Francis, Life and Revolution  and although I don’t agree it is the “definitive” biography it was at first touted to be, it is a good read.  Because she is close to Papa Francesco, it makes it kind of hard for her to write objectivley but you can sense the very human side of him in it……Reyanna

By Gerard O’Connell, December 7, 2014, America Magazine on-line

Last Thursday,  December 4, I had the great privilege to sit in on the interview that Pope Francis kindly granted to Elisabetta Piqué for Argentina’s La Nacion newspaper, for which she is the Rome correspondent.  She is also my wife and author of “Francis: Life and Revolution,” published by Loyola Press.

Pope Francis welcomed us with a big smile and immense graciousness, (To continue reading, click here.)

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