I found this article a very frank and heartfelt admission from someone inside one of those black and white “dog” collars.  And it is interesting that it was posted originally on a blog spot sporting the secondary title of “News through the eyes of women”…..Reyanna

By Michael Kelly SJ, October 14, 2014, The Hoopla, News through the eyes of women blogspot

I’ve been a priest for thirty years and for perhaps the past two decades, I have known that when I walk into an unfamiliar setting or join a new group of people and tell them what I am, a goodly number are thinking to themselves: “What sort of a weird, psychologically deficient, sexually repressed and potential criminal do we have here?”

Part of me enjoys the dare that such subconscious assessments offer. I am none of those. I’ve made some choices in life and had to live with their blessings and burdens.  (To continue reading click here.)

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  1. Magy Stelling says:

    So much good is coming out of the Australian Royal Inquiry as horrible as the accusations are and the display of arrogance by the hierarchy. The priests in parishes are having second thoughts about blind obedience. There are many good priest who can and do walk with humility as this mess unfolds. They bare the shame and still do an admirable job in the various ministries and service they give to God, Church and the laity.
    This Inquiry has laid bare the humiliation , pain and suffering survivors go through in their life time. This distortion of their humanity not only affects the survivor but also ones family and close friends. Fr. Kelly ‘s writing displays this new found understanding not only of the physical, emotional and spiritual damage done to the survivor but the grave damage that has been inflicted on both laity and ordained. Only with this understanding will we see an end of ignoring the warning signs by the ordained and laity and the out right crime of the chancery office and its leadership covering up these egregious crimes. While some might say it’s about time I will say “Thank You Fr. Kelly”.

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