Is a Precipice Yawning? John W. O’Malley, S.J., Responds to Ross Douthat

John O’Malley has written what I think is one of the best books yet on the Second Vatican Council, What Happened at Vatican II.  His writing in insightful and well-researched.  I have also listened on-line to his lectures and he can be very funny at times.  This article is a good response to the article by Ross Douthat, a conservative Catholic writer and blogger who, in my opinion, has gone way overboard as have many from the traditional, conservative Church.   I find it kind of ironic that after Benedict XVI, who wanted a “smaller, purer church”, and certainly it seemed he was getting his wish, we now have Francis who seems to have for his vision of the church one that will be a bigger, messier church.  I certainly hope he gets his wish.  Follow the link in this article and read Douthat’s article first.  It will give you the background for reading O’Malley’s article and will also give you a taste of what the traditional, conservative church is saying…..and this is mild in comparison to some stuff I have read…..Reyanna

By John W. O’Malley, S.J., October 29, 2014, America Magazine On-line

Ross Douthat’s article in the New York Times on Sunday sounded the alarm: Pope Francis through his Synod on the Family has brought the church to the edge of a precipice. If the synod continues on its present trajectory, it will “sow confusion among the church’s orthodox adherents” and could lead “eventually to real schism.” This is a dire prediction. It is also call to arms. (To continue reading, click here.)

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