Is Pope Francis moving toward checkmate?–Updated with accessible link

When I was in Rome recently and chatting with new friends I met through Catholic Church Reform International, I made the comment that I would not like to play chess with Papa Francesco as the other player.  Seems like someone else sees the same thing in him, that he maneuvers like a clever chess player…….Reyanna

Please note:  I have updated this article with a link that will now provide access to it.  As first published, the link was behind a pay wall, requiring a subscription to access it.

By Fr. William Grimm, November 18, 2014,

When I was a boy, a European Jesuit priest temporarily staying at our parish befriended the altar servers. As he explained to my parents, “The boys will correct my English; you adults are too polite.” It was a bit of wisdom that I verified when my own time came to learn a new language.

Only after he returned to his homeland did I learn that Father was a world-famous mathematician. For us altar servers, he was more important than that. He let us lose. We were at that age when children begin to suspect that the reason they win games with adults is that the adults are losing intentionally. The Jesuit did not condescend to us. He respected us enough to beat us.

One of our after-school activities was to go to the church basement, where Father would have six or so chessboards lined up for us. We kids would then try to stay on the board for more than a few minutes. A Jesuit at the chessboard can be a formidable opponent. (To continue reading, click here.)


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2 Responses to Is Pope Francis moving toward checkmate?–Updated with accessible link

  1. R ick Aldred says:

    This article is behind a paywall. Any suggestions?

    • Reyanna Rice says:

      Thanks for pointing that out, Rick. Global Pulse Magazine, a new product in the last two months, was available without subscription. They just this last week now require a subscription, which I find disappointing as Robert Mickens provides good reports out of Rome, This article was one Global Pulse was recycling form UCA News, and Asian site. I was able to go to that site for the article and have updated the link. Happy reading!

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