It’s Not Just Cardinal Burke

This author is a very brilliant young church historian who has lived and taught in the US since he immigrated from Italy 9 years ago.  He is now at Villanova teaching about the American Catholic Experience.  He follows what is going on in the American church very closely and is well-respected.  I found this a very insightful read.  The second comment posted to it is and has been my thought for a number of years now….reyanna

By Massimo Faggioli                      February 14, 2017                     Commonweal on-line

Kremlinology was supposed to have gone out with the end of the Cold War, but the murky connections between the Trump administration and Vladimir Putin may be bringing it back into fashion. Vaticanology, on the other hand, never went away, and with reports on the links between Stephen Bannon, Cardinal Raymond Burke, and conservative elements in Rome, it seems a more vibrant area of study every day. Just consider how the most influential papers in the United States have taken up the topic of Bannon and Burke lately, with the New York Times featuring multiplestories and the Washington Post running a column from Emma-Kate Symons calling for Pope Francis to put “the reactionary elements such as Burke and his cronies back in their place.”

There are indeed “reactionary elements” at the Vatican. But the bigger problem might be here with the Catholic Church in America, specifically those not-so-small quarters of extreme theological, cultural, and political conservatism within bishops’ chanceries, in seminaries, and at Catholic colleges.

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