John Allen: the liturgy wars have gone quiet, but have not gone away.

The promulgation of the revised translation of the Mass in Roman Missal 3 in 2011 was the moment I knew that I was committed to reform in the Catholic Church.  I have never accepted the horrible “Latinglish” version of this translation.  To this day, my response to “The Lord be with you” is (and always will be) “And also with you”.  During the consecration, as the priest pronounces the words of consecration over the cup…it is not a chalice!!..and says “for many”, I sotto voce say….and none too quietly…”for all”.  I linked you to the PrayTell article to read the comment string but do follow the link to the original Crux piece from it also.  The commenters on PrayTell are by and large priests and liturgists so I think their comments are valid.  Especially note the comment by Rita Ferrone.  I don’t think the thing is as widely accepted as some want to make it out to be and that seems to be the majority of the comments on PrayTell. This has been a hotly contested issue on PrayTell since the revised translation was forced upon us.   A week ago I was with a group of friends, all Catholic, and not a one of them was happy with it.  I was recently talking with a local priest active in parish ministry.  He was not pleased at all with it and really struggles with the wording of the prayers.  How long, oh Lord, how long do we have to put up with this?……reyanna

By Fritz Bauerschmidt                          May 22, 2016                            PrayTell blog

I hope I’m not just stirring the pot and providing an occasion for combatants on both sides to take swipes at each other, but here is John Allen’s take on the current mood with regard to the Missal translation.

I believe that all of the people he quotes are being honest in their assessment, which just makes me shake my head at how differently they perceive things.

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