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Words from John Chuchman

Developing a Deep trust in the Divine Within…

My anxious moments
of uncertainty and doubt
have been eased
by my delight
in exploration
and a deep trust in
the Divine within.

My fears demanded answers,
which institutional religion
vainly attempted to provide;
But theology
did not overcome fear,
filling my head with facts/beliefs
leading to
a false sense of knowing,
a false security.

Though uncertainty
troubled my ego,
it bothers not
my Spirit
the connection I feel
with the Divine within.

has become my teacher,
my friend.

Religion’s guilt and unworthiness programming
no longer cause me to fear.

I have discovered
a Wisdom in uncertainty,
living the Questions
and learning in the process.

I have learned
that the past is not the best source of Truth
as taught by fundamental religion;
The best source of Truth
is the Precious Present Moment
when I am willing to live
Inside the Question
while experiencing
Security and Peace
in the midst of
my Not Being Sure.

Peace is not the lack of storms,
but being secure amid them.

I touch Truth
when my curiosity
meets uncertainty
with confidence in
the Divine within;
Theology or my need for it
then flees.

Answers don’t remove my fear anyway,
Presence and Connection do.

For me,
living in the Question: ‘What is Truth?’
is to live in the Presence of the Divine.

When I doubt,
I come close to being
who I was created to be
one with my Creator.

Love, John

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