Kasper: The Synod Will Have to Discuss the ‘Practical Schism” in the Church

Interesting article.  Gerald O’Connell, the author of this article, always writes well on the pope and the Vatican.  He has excellent connections.  His wife is Elisabetta Pique, a journalist also, author of Pope Francis: Life and Revolution, and good friend of Papa Francesco.  He baptized their two children.  Can’t have a much better “in” than that  In this article the International Theological Congress meeting in Buenos Aires was mentioned.  PF sent them a message via teleconference.  You should read it and can do so by clicking here.  It is a zenit translation which I always find a bit slanted compared to what I translate but it is still interesting reading and quite a change to how theology has been handled in the past two papacies.  I also see PF addressing some of the rhetoric that has been coming out of the more conservative members of the hierarchy who will be in attendance at the upcoming Synod……reyanna

By Gerald O’Connell, September 6, 2015, American Magazine on-line

Responding to a question on whether there’s tension in the Church between doctrine and pastoral action he said, “pastoral (action) cannot go against doctrine, but doctrine cannot be an abstract affirmation. Its interpretation has to be linked to real life. Jesus Christ always talked about the reality of the person, aware that we are all sinners. There can be a certain tension between doctrine and pastoral (action), but this tension is normal and is distinct from practical schism, which causes division.”  (To continue reading this article click here.)


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