Lessons from Forgiveness School: Proverbs for a Year of Mercy

I found this to be a timely article especially in light of the use of anger in the upcoming…and what will feel like endless…politcal year….Reyanna

Jim McDermott             December 8, 2015                              America Magazine on-line

Today we begin a Year of Mercy in our church. And for some years now, I’ve been collecting (and occasionally concocting) aphorisms about anger and mercy. Mostly, that’s because I’m way too good at the one and not so much at the other. Getting angry feels so good on the way in, especially when it’s justified. Oh God, the sweet, sweet tang of righteous anger!

But then once you’re inside, it can be hard to get out. I can run into people I have not seen in decades, and the main thing I’ll remember about them is that I have some justification for being angry with them (which of course I can’t remember, but still!). And so my instinct will be to greet them with hostility.

It’s like a mousetrap, anger—righteousness is an amazing piece of cheese, but once you go to take that nibble, good luck getting out. (To continue reading, click here.)

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