Let us free the Synod from “catastrophism”

This is another good article, an interview, on the Synod.  Again, like the one I posted yesterday, it is a bit long.  In reading it I found it helpful to allay my concerns that the coming Synod session would by waylaid by those who are insistent that nothing can be changed and are working tirelessly to make sure that is so……Reyanna

By Gianni Valente, March 16,2015, Vatican Insider on’line

Catastrophist sentiment is running high with regard to the work that is being done in view of the next Synod on the family. Coordinated ecclesiatical media strategies continue to fuel “preventive opposition” to any suggestion regarding a reconsideration – however careful – of the ban on the sacraments for remarried divorcees. Some say the orthodoxy of the faith is at stake and that this is one of those subjects that is not open to discussion if the unity of the Church is to remain intact.

But do potential clashes over controversial issues being dealt with by the Synod represent an unprecedented and fatal threat to church communion? Is it right to block the road to discussion in the name of continuity in doctrine and Tradition? Vatican Insider put these questions to priest and theologian, Severino Dianich. Dianich has spent decades passionately exploring the mystery of the Church on its journey through history. (To continue reading, click here.)

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